Hilton Hotels Is A Tracker Online

I’ve noticed more and more targeted ads on some sites. Just now I was adding reviews to Urbanspoon, and the two ads that were included with the web page were for hotels in the Hilton chain that I have accessed via the Hilton HHonors website.

Now, I know that marketing types are obsesses with “impressions” or whatever voodoo they call it. I wonder what exactly they are trying to accomplish by throwing multiple ads at me on the same page for a hotel I have booked in the past. Are they trying to induce me to take an unscheduled trip to Council Bluffs?

So, marketeers… I am really your nightmare. I don’t pay attention to ads in general. Sure, I notice them, but I will go back to the HGI in the Bluffs not because of the ad(s), but because I found out own on my that it’s a fine hotel with a good rate.

I also have seen Facebook targeted ads as well. Just now I saw one from Sportsmans Warehouse for Yak Traks, which I had been looking for before we went to the Grand Canyon in February.


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