Scouting Takes Another Black Eye

In this article:, it’s reported that a Seattle-area Scout Troop has had their Charter from the BSA national organization revoked. The problem as seen by national is that the Scoutmaster is gay, and the chartering organization has no problem with that (hooray for them!), and refused to remove the Scoutmaster.

This sort of unfortunate incident was inevitable when the national organization only partially reversed their un-American rule banning gays from being in Scouting.

Last year around this time, national allowed gay Scouts to join, but didn’t extend the same courtesy to gay adults. This was unfortunate. I understand that they are probably taking incremental steps to reverse the horrid policy, but until the policy banning gay adults is eliminated, Scouts will still look very bad with actions like this.

One thing that BSA national noted when allowing gay Scouts is that individual chartering organizations would have the final say on membership (which allows blind, stupid discrimination in some cases), but BSA is trying to tie the hands of progressive, thinking organizations that don’t practice discrimination.

Sad. Scouting is a good program. It should not be teaching the useless value of discrimination.


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