Donald Sterling Is Only A Symptom

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is clearly a crude racist. Since the recording of him making various obnoxious statements has surfaced, there has been a feeding frenzy demanding his removal.

So that’s fun for some people to get after, and the media has been flogging it pretty hard. But it is not terribly relevant.

Sterling and his racist feelings are just a symptom of the larger race problem we have in this country. I’ve touched on this before, several times, over the past couple years.

Some of the worst of this is the race-targeting done in the name of politics, such as voter suppression. Some is economic, such as the minimum wage not being a living wage. Other is just not granting people the same chance for opportunity due to their skin color.

We all need to keep an awareness of things that we and others do that contribute to reducing equality, and call those out, while encouraging things that contribute to increasing equality. That’s justice.

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