Conservatives Running in Nebraska

I spent most of the past week in Nebraska. It was amusing, and sad, to hear the campaign ads for people running for various offices. Most of them (all, maybe), were various flavors of “conservative”.

It seemed that most of them were trying to out-conservative each other. There was the required howling about ObamacCare. A number of them (either confused or content with a lie) made claims that have been popular with conservatives in spite of being debunked (including one of my favorites, the job-killing farm dust regulation. Which was never proposed, ruled on, or anything else, but move the Great Job Creator John Boehner to push through legislation overturning any consideration of regulation of farm dust).

At least two of the conservatives were having a lovers spat over claims and counterclaims.

But missing from all this was anything about how they might actually *govern*. The frothing Tea Party types are full of rage and hatred, but not so full of thoughtful governing.

Except for the fact that this sort of rage is bad for the country, it’s sort of funny.

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