Death Penalty a Black Eye For Oklahoma

No matter where you stand on capital punishment, the botched execution this week is disturbing.

The thing I find most disturbing is the rush to get the execution done, with an untested drug cocktail.

Other aspects pertain to the Legislative branch of the state.  They tried to hide the composition of the drugs, and the supplier of the drugs, via law.  They apparently invoked state secrets (which in no way applies to state government, to my knowledge).

The inmates here sued to find out the ingredients, and the state Supreme Court concurred.  Good for them.  But… Oklahoma legislators filed legislation to start impeachment proceedings against at least some of the justices.

Thus is clearly extreme overreach by the Legislature.  This is the problem when fanatics take over Government.  There are no real checks and certainly no balance.  The lapdog Governor Fallin has no leadership here, and in fact appears to be going with the legislative branch on all things.

And why do these people want to push executions anyway?  They are probably posturing for the upcoming election.

These fanatics need to be voted out.

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