Hog Stop BBQ, Council Bluffs, IA

Hog Stop BBQ on Urbanspoon

After work yesterday, I decided to go for a drive to find dinner. I drove into the Bluffs and this place was on the corner off of I-29. I’m a sucker for BBQ, so…

It was a mixed bag. They have a buffet, but I didn’t like the looks of it (in my experience, most BBQ buffets are the cheap pieces, burnt ends and the like). I got a two meat of light chicken and shaved pork. It came with two sides; I chose BBQ beans and smoked mac and cheese.

None of this was terribly good. The smoked mac and cheese was standard mac and cheese with red and green stuff in it, and it didn’t taste very good. The beans were decent. While the shaved pork was tender, it had zero flavor. The chicken was a good start, with good smoky flavor and moist, but most of it was dry and overcooked. The meal came with cornbread, that was different in that it had actual corn kernels, but it also had small red and green things in it.

Cornbread should be cornbread, butter, and maybe honey. Nothing else.

Service was very friendly. My check was $17.12. I won’t be back.


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