Freddie Paul’s Steakhouse, Stillwater, OK

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Last Saturday, we went to Stillwater to take Ian to dinner for his 19th. We suggested Freddie Paul’s, and he agreed. It was a mixed bag.

Ian and I got ribeyes; me a larger steak. The steaks were thick. My medium steak came rare. I sent it back, and asked quite stridently that it NOT be bricked or hurried or sped up. They did as I asked, it took about 10 min, but the steak came back just less than a perfect medium, and no extra charring. Both of the steaks were completely consumed, and both were excellent.

Raegan got shrimp scampi and liked it. Erin got a bacon cheeseburger and ate most of it (it was huge). I got a bite, and the beef was very good, with texture.

Raegan also ordered a half rack of spare ribs for us. I was not impressed with those.

They have a decent salad bar that a couple of us got. Sides like baked potatoes were good.

Service was great!

Our check was $126.88. I little more than we normally do for dinner. Here’s a breakdown: the half rack of ribs was $10. The big dogs were the two ribeyes at $37 and $33. I’ve been going back and forth on the value of this meal. On the one hand, that was a tasty steak, and it was BIG; prob 1.5 in thick and a significant fraction of the plate. On the other hand, the steak was larger, but no less tasty, than the $20 steak I got from Longhorn last Monday evening in Council Bluffs. In my final analysis, the Freddie’s steak is somewhat overpriced.

If we find ourselves in Stillwater again, and on the lookout for a celebratory meal, I will certainly consider Freddie’s. I don’t know that it’s a good choice for regular dining, unless you are in a cheeseburger mood, or something like CFS.


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2 Responses to “Freddie Paul’s Steakhouse, Stillwater, OK”

  1. Curtis Says:

    I haven’t eaten there in quite some time…. I am due to try it again, and probably will soon (was glad to see your review)…… We eat at the Stillwater “Texas Roadhouse” regularly….. and while the crowd is no fun, the steak is always consistent, and very good… and seems to be a good value for the 16 oz for $19ish ……..
    Sounds like I would like the Ribeye you described, but like you would have a bit of trouble swallowing the price.

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    I’ve not tried the Roadhouse in Stillwater, although I’ve been to several others in the OKC area and liked them. We tried to go to the Roadhouse Mothers Day evening and the crowds were huge, so we ended up at Paolmino’s near there, that was pretty good also. But sometimes, you just want steak :).

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