Marco’s Pizza, Oklahoma City, OK (South Penn)

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Last Friday, we were all headed down to Moore to mow the yard for Raegan’s Mom. Since it was getting towards dark and we wanted to finish the yard in one shot, we decided to get some pizza. I had heard good things about the Marco’s Pizza in MWC, and there was one along south Penn, so we did the call in order while headed south.

First of all, Raegan used my cell phone to make the call. They answered the call with “Is this William Hensley?”. Since cell calls do not send name information, these guys clearly subscribe to a database of cell phone information.

Raegan got the order in, and in about 15 min we showed up. Here’s where I caused a problem. I walked in, and said “to-go order for Bill”. I paid $20, picked up the package they gave me, and walked out.

Turns out, I took the pizza that was intended for Bill, when I should have taken the William order. One of the Marcos troops chased me down in the parking lot, and we went back in to straighten it out.

I offered to take $20 from Bill, then he would have been OK, and then I would have paid the $30 or so for my real order, and all would have been fine. But no, the Marcos people comped both orders. I think that was above and beyond; *way* above.

We had two large thin-crust pizzas, one half supreme and half meat lovers, and the other half chicken and half backbacon. The pizza was pretty darn good. I ate a couple slices standing up, then went out and mowed, and came back and more (cold). We got some cheese bread also, and a salad.

So I want to try Marco’s again. We don’t get to the area in south OKC very often, but there are locations in MWC and north OKC that will be on the target. Looking forward to another visit.

Thanks to Marco’s staff for comping the order, when I was the one that screwed up. I will come back again as soon as I can, guys, and I’ll use the right name that time.

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