Observation At The Mall This Evening

Raegan and Erin and I went to Penn Square Mall here in OKC this evening. We had dinner there, and then went looking for a plain, khaki skirt for Erin to wear to her Girl Scout Silver Award ceremony tomorrow.

I would not have imagined how difficult it was to find that skirt. We hit eight stores before finding the skirt. There were lots of booty shorts, weird colors, and filmy things, but even plain khaki pants were hard to find. We eventually found her a skirt; a yard of fabric for $40.

One thing I noticed walking through the mall that I hope is a trend. Most of the groups of kids walking through the mall were diverse. I started looking, and of groups of three or more, I think 80% of them were composed of people of two or more ethnic groups.

This gives me hope that in the next generation, we can greatly reduce or eliminate the incidence of, as Dr. King might say, judging people by their skin color instead of their character.

I also hope this helps reduce some of the political polarization we experience, and some of the hurtful discrimination, for example towards our LGBT brothers and sisters. If you can be friends with just about anybody as a teenager, you are far less likely to develop hateful feelings later in life.

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