Silly Conservatives In Oklahoma, Too

I just saw a TV ad from Oklahoma Congressman Lankford, who apparently thinks he’s not doing enough damage in the House, and wants to move to the Senate and screw things up more in that body.

In the ad, he goes on about how ObamaCare steals freedom. He trots out the you-can’t-choose-your-doctor-or-hospital, and blames the Gummit for that.

It’s clear he thinks that having no insurance is better than having ObamaCare. He doesn’t say what he wants in place of ObamaCare.

TW Shannon also likes to bash O-Care. He brags that he kept the Medicare expansion out of Oklahoma, supposedly because it was “wasteful”. Now, I don’t see how he thinks that getting thousands of Oklahomans health insurance is wasteful. More likely, he just likes doing a virtual give the finger to Obama, and maybe Oklahomans who don’t have insurance.

What do you guys stand for?

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