Icons and Dual Screens and XP and W7, Grrrr…

I use a laptop and and external display, a lot. Sometimes the laptop is directly connected to the external display, and sometimes it is via a docking station.

Microsoft can’t seem to avoid mucking with icon location. I’ve seen this behavior in XP forever, then in Vista, and hoped it would be fixed in W7. It wasn’t.

What happens is that when the machine boots up, and detects the second display, and it’s in extend mode, it takes all or part of the icons that should be on the laptop main display, and SHOULD STAY THERE, but moves them to the extended display. It’s frustrating.

I have to move the darn things back to the main display. You would think that I shouldn’t get worked up about it, but I’ve had icons disappear when the machine restarted or suspended/hibernated, and I’ve had mysterious crashes as well.

Related (I guess) to this behavior: Windows will take the icons, which are neatly arranged all over the desktop, and bunch them all together along the left side of the main display.

Supposedly, if you right-click the display and then “Refresh”, the icons will be locked in place. I think that’s crap.

You would think that the crew at Microsoft could just maybe leave the damn icons alone, unless I move one!

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