Black-Eyed Pea, Denton, TX

Black Eyed Pea on Urbanspoon

Oh, we used to love the Pea. It’s still pretty good.

We were headed home after our Day in Dallas, and the Pea in Denton was right ahead of us. We got there about 2015 to find it almost empty. I had my usual pot roast, and it was really good. Erin had potato skins, and liked them, but only ate one (I tried one, it was pretty good). Ian and CFS, and while he ate all of it, said it wasn’t a good flavor. He also reported it was kind of tough, and that the breading over-ran the beef about an inch all the way around, so the CFS looked bigger than it was. Raegan had a baked potato with bacon and cheese with a caesar salad. We ended the meal with yummy banana pudding, and Ian got a huge piece of chocolate cake which was completely consumed.

Service was friendly, the iced tea was great. Our check was $55.21. Not a bad meal at all.


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