Some Righties Are Just Pathetic

There is apparently a deliberate effort underway to denigrate the American soldier recently freed in a prisoner swap.  There are unsubstantiated accusations about the soldier.  As is usual with people like this, he isn’t just a POW, or disaffected; he is a traitor.

The conservative mouthpiece Fox also basically accused the mans father of being a Taliban sympathizer.

Naturally, they accuse Obama of various unspeakable crimes.  In their black and white view, the five traded prisoners HAVE TO BE the most dangerous terrorists on the entire planet.

I am constantly amazed at the fact the right can continue sinking to new lows of despicable behavior.

It’s clear the Republicans have no plan or platform for the country beyond opposing Obama, or anyone that is not in line with their obscene and twisted view of America.

How anyone could be so singlemindedly full of pure hatred is frightening.


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