Some New Camp Stuff at WalMart

I was at the Edmond (I-35) WalMart a couple days ago, and I saw these two things on the shelf:

Primus Stove

Sawyer Squeeze

I was kind of surprised to see these at the WalMart. The Primus Stove is an alcohol-based (butane, I think) stove that is typically a backpacker item.

Curiously, that WalMart (and another one I checked at Belle Isle) didn’t have any fuel canisters for the stove (although both had places on the shelves for them).

The other is a Sawyer squeeze water filtration system. This is a relatively new system that works well (it’s my favorite water purification system). Again, it’s a backpacker item that would seem to have little in common with the mass market stuff WalMart focuses on.

One impact: the Sawyer sells at places like Cabelas for $50; it competes with pump filters costing $70. WalMart sells it for $30!

The alcohol stove is also very competitively priced at $20. I bought a couple, and they work well.


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