Walmart and Camp Stove Fuel

A couple months ago, we bought a couple stoves for Troop 15 that are powered by a canister of alcohol that is pressurized.  I tried to buy a couple of the fuel canisters as well, but that WM didn’t have any.

I had another errand near school, going there I passed another WM; I stopped but that one didn’t have the canisters either (both stores had a label on the shelf for the fuel canister).

So I went to a nearby Academy,  they had one canister.

So at least in OKC, there seemed to be a shortage of the alcohol fuel canisters.

That was in early May.  Since then I have been in roughly 10 different WMs; in each case, the store had a label on the shelf for the fuel canisters.

We needed a couple of them for summer camp in mid June,  but I still didn’t find any, even when I looked at a WM in Colorado Springs.

We found the fuel at a Big 5 in the Springs.  That store had more than 10, in different suzes.

So this leads me to wonder why WM carries the stoves,  but doesn’t have the fuel.  They clearly intend to have the fuel.

I looked at the local Bass Pro Shop last evening;  they had eight canisters.  Very odd.

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