Almost Through The Primary Season

Today is the day for voting in the primaries in Oklahoma. As an Independent, there aren’t a lot of choices on the primary ballot this time around.

We are already heartily sick of the current crop of ads here. Most of the ads are for or against Republican candidates. I think it’s about an equal mix of ads by candidates, and ads by advocacy groups.

There are a couple trends here worth noting. First, the race for the Oklahoma State School Superintendent. The current occupant of that office, a dentist with no teaching qualifications, has been working to impose a conservative vision on the State Department of Education. She has a primary opponent. Both sides call the other side “liberal”. Both sides run ads against the other with pictures of President Obama (and in keeping with classic propaganda, his photo is always dour or angry looking). One side says the other likes Obamas Common Core. The other side says their opponent is breaking the law by using public money in their campaign, citing “secret emails”. There are so many lies here that it would take a blog post to enumerate them. The funniest ad is one of the candidates intoning “I will place the needs of our children above the liberal agenda”.

There is a similar battle for the Republican nominee for a US Senate post. There’s a lot of PAC ads here. Both sides are trying to out-conservative each other. I actively dislike both major candidates, but in one case I sympathize with the guy because the accusation against him is that he voted for ObamaCare. Now, there’s no way that he would have done that; if you record the ad, and freeze-frame it to get the supposed reference, you see that he voted for an admendment to a budget bill that tried to strip part of ObamaCare. The bill itself went forward and was eventually passed. But to stretch that the guy voted for ObamaCare based on a single non-related Yes vote is more than simply a stretch; it’s a lie.

I guess this isn’t too surprising. I’ve noted before that the vast majority of out-and-out liars are conservative/Republican. And don’t forget it was a conservative organization that argued before the SCOTUS they had a right to LIE. And Mitt and his “we’re not going to let fact checkers drive this campaign”. But I digress.

The overall tone in this set of ads is that none of the ads I have heard tell us anything about the policies the candidates intend to enact. We get a lot of what they are going to repeal/reject (think ObamaCare). We get a lot of breast-beating about how they are going to fight for Americans (the actual record of Congressional obstruction tells me that is BS). We get a lot of outside groups saying other candidates suck. But a lot like the current Republicans at the national and state levels, they seem to want to do a bait and switch and start buggering the nation after they get elected.

I’ve noted before that the Republican Party is on the way out. The main issue now is how to prevent them from doing too much damage on the way out.

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