Driving the Eastern Texas Panhandle

We came to Colorado Springs yesterday with a slightly different path. Coming west on I-40, we hopped off on OK 6 at Elk City.

As we drove along towards Texas, I was amazed at the number of fracking facilities; it was comparable to what we saw in NW Oklahoma a couple weeks ago.

After we got into Texas, it changed. The number of fracking facilities increased dramatically. Instead of seeing them every half mile or so, there were five or six visible ALL THE TIME. The number of big trucks on the road was huge. The number of VERY large drilling rigs visible from the road was amazing (we would sort of like to see one of those “portable” rigs being trucked along).

We got to Wheeler, and then Pampa, and were amazed. This was not the flat terrain of most of the rest of the Texas panhandle; it was increasing crenelated. Especially in the Pampa area, there was significant relief.

We also were amazed at the number of refineries along the route. We counted seven, and most of those were very large.

There were also a number of wind farms.

I was glad we took this slightly different route across the Texas Panhandle, it opened our eyes to something we had no idea was there.


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