Grand Pizza, Grand Lake, CO

Grand Pizza on Urbanspoon

Erin had dinner here last Monday, and she and I had dinner here this evening.

We started with sweet tea. Didn’t realize that it was sweet fruity tea. I switched to the regular stuff, which was pretty good. We also had some buffalo wings. They were great, just the right amount of spice. We left a denuded pile of bonelets.

She and I shared a 12″ thin crust. Hers was chicken and roast garlic, mine was meat lovers, which was pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, and bacon. She liked her half, and took part back to the hotel for Raegan. My half was pretty good. The only thing I would count down is that the pizza builder left a pile of bacon and stuff in one place, and it was pretty charred (see the photo I put on Urbanspoon). That being said, I ate my half.

We also got a takeaway salad for Raegan, with ranch dressing.

Service was very good. Our check was $41.97.

I heard some talk around the restaurant that left me a bit cold. Someone in back was kind of obnoxious and used profanity a couple times. When I ordered Raegans salad, I passed along her request for some grated cheese. Our server asked what kind, I said American, and whoever our server talked to at the back said quite loudly that if it wasn’t on the menu, then it’s not available, what was the matter with the guy? Our server, to her credit, pointed out shredded cheddar, which also worked, but I think that the guy in back was very rude. They also shut down 15 minutes early, and four guys who came in at 2050 for dinner were turned away (they were clearly disappointed but not rude, to their credit). In a similar vein, our server warned us that the kitchen might shut down and I wouldn’t be able to get her salad (this was at 2040). I don’t know that management of the place gives much of a damn about customers.

SO, would I go back? Probably not. There are nice restaurants in Grand Lake, and a couple of them do pizza, and I would probably try them first. They are also quite expensive; the 12 in meat lovers clocks in at $21.75, and it wasn’t *that* good.


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