Hiking East Inlet Trail, RMNP, CO

Yesterday Erin and I hiked almost 3 miles out-and-back on the East Inlet trail in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

I posted photos to my Google+ account here.

It was a straightforward hike; we wanted to see Adams Falls, and did, and we hoped to see moose in East Meadow. No luck there, but we saw a pretty doe.

There were two highlights, I thought. There is a stunning area that would be a perfect campsite or picnic area at the base area of the Falls. We also saw a pretty doe curled up in tall grass off the trail. East Meadow is beautiful.

Here is the hike path on a topo, annotated with where we went.

One thing to note: the trail as represented by the Garmin Mapsource program is quite a bit north of the actual path as shown by the GPS.

Here is an altitude plot.

There is a nice 80 foot climb to the Falls, and then we climbed back down to the base area. The scramble on the rocks was a lot of fun.

Now, there are a number of things on the plot above I don’t believe. Most of the walk was quite smooth. Notice the spikes of 20, 40, or 60 ft? No way. There’s a big drop of 50 ft right before a spike of 20 feet. Didn’t happen. At the end of the hike, we ended up back at the car, so the altitude should have been the same we started at. Not so much. I promise we didn’t step off a 60 foot bluff to get back.

I’m going to see if there is a software update for my GPS Map 60 that might address this. The GPS clearly has altitude issues.

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One Response to “Hiking East Inlet Trail, RMNP, CO”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    Hmm, I checked my GPS, it’s at software version 2.5, which is also the most current version according to Garmin. Might drop an email to tech support.

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