EG’s Grill, Grand Lake, CO

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First off, this is printed right on the menu:

“Substitutions politely declined. While modifications and substitutions may seem easy to accommodate, these requests compromise the unique characteristics of our food and the efficiency of our service”.

I’m going to throw the BS flag here. This statement is possibly the most arrogant thing I’ve seen in a restaurant. I could (possibly) understand this sort of mentality in a mass production or time-critical environment, like a lunch truck. Not, however, from a general restaurant, and especially given the pedestrian nature of your offerings, and the service I experienced tonight.

All that being said, the restaurant has some decent food.

We had dinner at EGs this evening. Service was, I will say up front, slow and irregular. Given that we didn’t ask for any substitutions, perhaps the management should be working on THAT instead of being arrogant about keeping up your “efficiency”.

Raegan ordered a dinner salad and chicken lasagne, and Erin a caesar salad. I ordered iced tea, and for my meal the fried chicken (without much in the way of confidence that this southern staple would be any good). The meal came with soup or salad (I chose a soup of the day, beer cheese and bacon), and the potato of the day, and slaw.

I asked our server before ordering what the chicken pieces were. He didn’t know. Maybe some training, instead of arrogant statements? For the record, it was a breast and a leg.

The general workflow was: time passed, then a lot of stuff came out, then time passed again. It took a good 10 min to get our drinks out. And we didn’t ask for modifications. Food came out in a wave. Even though we were seated after another family, and several other tables trickled in over the next 20 minutes, all of the tables were served in about a five-minute timeframe. Very odd.

Raegan and Erin had their meals out a couple minutes before my meal came out. My meal came as my soup course (not prior to the main course), and a plate with my two pieces of chicken. No potato or slaw. The family another table over had the same chicken situation. I asked our server where my potato and slaw were; he didn’t know (training needed, instead of an arrogant statement?), he went to ask, and he came back about 5 minutes later with some potato au gratin, a small rectangle about 1.5″x3″. Still no slaw. Hmmm, more training needed, instead of an arrogant statement? I never got the slaw, BTW.

For the record, the food was pretty good. The chicken was fried nice and crispy, and not at all greasy. The Potato Of The Day was bland at best. I cannot report on the slaw. The soup was pretty good. Raegan and Erin liked their food.

The iced tea was pretty good, and served in a large mason jar. I never got a refill; not even an offer. Maybe that’s a MODIFICATION?

Service was inconsistent. Our check was $43.60. Not a good value, given the arrogant attitude of restaurant management, the service, and the simple nature of the food.

There are better places in Grand Lake to eat. And they don’t mind working with customers.


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