Fracking Ad in Colorado

We are in Colorado now, and have seen an ad run quite a few times.

It’s a masterpiece of propaganda. Two sets of Colorado polits, one walking to camera right, the other walking to camera left, both talk about how Coloradans need to come together to make sure that fracking goes on, but in a responsible manner. The ad is paid for by an oil and gas PAC. It talks about what the ad calls all the positive benefits of fracking, and just assumes that fracking is only logical and happening. Nothing, of course, about environmental impact.

This is another example of monied corporate interests trying to influence public discourse, to their benefit.

One Response to “Fracking Ad in Colorado”

  1. Raegan Says:

    They are also Very White. There are two sets of ads, one with Very White Professional Women talking, and the other with Very White Professional Men talking. Fracking is GOOD, we are led to believe. Not a word about poisonous chemicals pumped underground, risks to water supplies, earthquakes… I’m waiting with interest to see when these type ads show up in Oklahoma.

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