An Interesting Galaxy S4 Feature

Hmmm, something kind of cool and frightening at the same time. I just dialed into a telecon that was in the calendar of my Galaxy S4. The calendar detected the phone number of the teleconference, and I only had to tap it to dial it. That’s pretty standard, my Blackberry would do that five year ago. But the message had this text:

Telecom: 888-283-xxxx
Password: 7958649

After the dialing was in progress, the S4 popped up a dialog with “Do you want to send 7958649 as tones?”. It startled me enough that I pressed No, then after a couple seconds, went back to the message, and it repeated, at which point I pressed Yes, and it sent the tones and got me into the telecon. The only thing it didn’t do was send the trailing “#” that is the end-of-numbers token. I did that manually.

That’s pretty darn smart of the software to realize that most meet-me numbers require an access code, find those in the message, and offer to send them. As I do with many of these, I had jumped back to the message to get the access code, and I spoke the code to help me remember it when I jumped back to the phone page. Maybe the spoken numbers were the key. Regardless, I’m going to play with that (when I get some time). It’s a very cool feature; I wonder what else the darn thing does. Raegan already thinks the phones are smarter than us.


One Response to “An Interesting Galaxy S4 Feature”

  1. Raegan Says:

    Your phone makes me think of SkyNet…or HAL. Ack.

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