Good Riddance to Eric Cantor

He gave his farewell address to the House today. I find it absolutely delicious that he got zapped by a Tea Partier, when he and the Republicans stoked Tea Party nutjobs for so long, taking advantage of their anger, while at the same time not doing a damn thing except obstruct.

When you feed an unintelligent monster, don’t be surprised when it turns on you. I hope the Tea Party rocks on, feeding on more Republicans, and splitting the field three ways soon.

That’s the only way Tea Partiers can doing anything useful for the United States.


One Response to “Good Riddance to Eric Cantor”

  1. Tom Says:

    Agreed on the “good riddance” (for different reasons, I’m sure), but don’t fall into the trap of think the “Tea Party” is anything close to a political party in the sense of the Dumocrats and Republipukes. That’s just a cover phrase used to describe a very loose and fluid collection of economic conservatives, social conservatives, strict constructionists, and others. There is NO coherent platform that covers all groups. Some are conservative in one area while being liberal or libertarian in others. Some are simply anti-government. Some are Southern Democrats who can’t deal with far-left liberals. Some are just malcontents. (think Occupy, but without as much whining and with jobs)

    Cantor is no loss to conservatism, as he wasn’t what most of us conservatives want from a conservative political: less government, more freedom, less influence by big business and big labor.

    You should also know that, at least here in Texas, they’re attracting a fair number of conservative (governmentally-wise) Democrats.

    However, it seems that until it becomes illegal for anyone but a natural person (i.e., no businesses, no unions, no political groups) to contribute to a candidate, and illegal for a candidate to take contributions from outside his/her own district, we’re stuck with the current stranglehold on liberty by the major parties.

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