Scotland and the Independence Vote

Wow, it’s been three weeks since my last post; it’s been pretty busy.  I’ve some catch-up to do.

I have been following the vote for independence in Scotland with some interest.  I don’t really have an opinion on the impact of Scottish independence (except I think it might have an overall negative economic impact to both countries).

The thing I find especially interesting is that it is a simple majority vote.  I like the way we do it in the United States.  Things that are fairly routine are pretty we do by simple majorities, but things that are of more import are done by larger majorities.

Here in Oklahoma, bond issues require a 60% yes vote.  Constitutional amendments require all sorts of supermajorities.  Impeachments do also, for conviction.

But splitting a country from it’s union is only a simple majority?  That’s kind of radical, to my way of thinking.


One Response to “Scotland and the Independence Vote”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    Couple notes on the independence vote. This vote allows those 16 and older to vote; the normal voting age is 18. That’s a surprising change.

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