Mary Fallin Doesn’t Stand For Much

She is running for a second term as Governor of the State of Oklahoma.  She has a serious challenger in Joe Dorman.

There are two ads running pretty heavily in Oklahoma.  One is from some outside group (can’t remember the name).  That ad attacks Dorman and then praises Fallin.

The thing the two ads have in common is that both are stridently anti-Obama.  Both talk about how Obama’s Common Core tries to take over Oklahoma education.  Both talk about how bad Obamacare is.  Those two points, of course, are bogus (but few Republicans let a couple facts stand in the way of an ad).  And both ads focus on how Fallin is “fighting against” Obama or Washington or whatever.

But neither really talks about what Fallin has actually done.  She has pretty much signed everything the Republican-controlled Legsislature has sent here.  She has never been a leader, just a rubber stamp.  I don’t think she has much in the way of policy over just what the national Party decides, which, of course, is quite different from exhibiting leadership.

I hope she loses.

Update:  just saw the outside ad again.  It’s from the Republican Governors Association.  I counted three straight-up lies right off the bat.  Oh, and (horrors!) it called Dorman a Liberal.  Republicans just don’t have much of anything to run on.

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