Urbanspoon Searches Get Better, Yea!

I’ve been using Urbanspoon forever to find beta on restaurants, and I’ve been doing it enough that I’m a Prime member.

The biggest problem with Urbanspoon has been the search function. I want to be able to find a restaurant in a town or neighborhood, by cuisine.

I noticed a couple days ago the search bar at the top of each page was different. It works pretty well! I put the name of a restaurant in the appropriate text field, and got suggestions by name. I put the city in the other side, clicked search, and boom there was what I was looking for.

Much better! I would like to suggest a map-based search next. Show me a map of a specified area (e.g. 39th and Tulsa, Oklahoma City), and then show me restaurants in the surrounding couple miles.

It’s getting there!



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