Way Too Ebola-Paranoid

Raegan needed to visit the ER late Sunday as a result of Aerosinusitis. She was coming back to OKC from the Girl Scout national convention, and as the plane descended rapidly to landing, the pressure differential messed up her sinuses, in an extremely painful episode. We went straight from Will Rogers to the Integris ER.

At the ER, the desk clerk asked about her symptoms. Not unexpected. But as soon as she said “I just flew in from Denver…” the young lady got wide-eyed, leaned back, and told Raegan to put on that mask now. Then there was a form to fill out that was Ebola-specific. Then there were repeated questions from the form, and clearly related to the form, for Ebola.

Really. In OKC. No, really in EDMOND.

I think the Ebola reaction in this country is way over the top, and it seems to me it is just the latest in a series of Public Oh My Gods that have been going on, whether it is ISIS/ISIL, terrorists in general, some bug going around, the hunt for a public enemy, etc.

There are the usual idiots trying to take political advantage. Supposedly Obama lied when he told the country on several national news items that Ebola wasn’t transmittable unless it was via bodily fluids. Of course, Obama is also not showing leadership by keeping us informed. Whatever.

I saw this on Facebook: More people have been married to Rush Limbaugh than have contracted Ebola in the United States. And I suspect those women are in worse shape…

Do we really need to be this paranoid? I sort of think that the United States needs to re-grow a pair of balls.


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