A Tale of Two Burgers

This is another in my series of laments on the state of chain burgers.

Wednesday, I had a short time before a meeting that was happening over lunch, and I was quite hungry. There is a Sonic two miles away. I have limited myself to popcorn chicken and dogs at Sonic, but in this case, I really wanted a cheeseburger, so I got the SuperSonic cheeseburger with tots.

Overall, it was a huge waste. I should have had the hot dog. I really liked the tots. The burger was tasteless and had zero texture. I mean, I had bulk in my stomach, but it wasn’t a meal.

That evening, we went to Chili’s. I got a cheeseburger there, and it was a world of difference. The beef had, amazingly enough, great beef flavor. The burger had a nice crust and good texture on the inside; the bun was tasty. It was a very good burger.

Braum’s and Sonic, both Oklahoma-based, used to make the most kick-ass burgers. Now, they ought to just get out of the business of cheeseburgers. They Are No Good. Most other chains, Oklahoma-based or not, are not any better. Burger King used to be very good, now it’s Burger Serf. Jack In The Box? Bury it in a box.

To the people who run these places: crack open the green eyeshades just a bit and let a few more pennies out, get some decent beef, and get it cooked right. Don’t kid yourself you are making a good food product just because you are making it cheap. Because that’s what it is, cheap. Not inexpensive, cheap.

One Response to “A Tale of Two Burgers”

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