Way Too Ebola-Paranoid, Again

There is a lot of stupid paranoia going on right now about Ebola. A nurse that returned from working with Ebola patients in West Africa was tossed into an improvised gulag in New Jersey, while the bully and idiot Governor of the state foamed at the mouth and ranted about how He Would Take Every Legal Step to keep the nurse locked up for three weeks. To her credit, she retained council and was on the path to a lawsuit she would have won.

In her home state of Maine, the idiot Governor there issued threats of prosecution, and has a cop following the nurse around. In a classic case of true doublespeak, Mr. No-Brain Governor says that the trooper is to protect her. Right.

Various news outlets posted tweets and other social media from people who apparently have no concept of science trashing the nurse, along the lines of “she only thinks of herself and not US”. Whiners. The media does not help by focusing on and giving a platform to people whining for NO REASON. It’s not a controversy, it’s just keeping people who are easily led scared.

On Facebook, I’ve seen posts from (mainly conservatives) who denigrate her for going about her business when She Might Have Ebola.

It was reported on the Rachel Maddow show that some people in Maine have been calling to cancel medical appointments due to fear of being in the same state as the nurse.

C’mon people. Grow a pair. Every competent medical advice as to whether the nurse is contagious in any way is negative. The Governors want to lock her up out of an abundance of caution, science be damned.

This isn’t far off from the people locked up in Guantanamo Bay.

31 October 2014, 1525 CDST Update:

I just read that a judge in Maine has rejected the states attempt to quarantine the nurse in question, saying that statements by the Maine version of the CDC completely undermine the reason the Governor was trying to imprison her. I also found out just now that the Governor of the state is a Republican. Somehow, that figures. That nurse is as much of a patriot as any of the founders of this country.


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