One More Ebola-Related Thing

On the morning news on Channels 4 (KFOR) and 5 (KOCO), I heard almost identical news items, pertaining to the patient in Tulsa taken to the OSU hospital there. The patient, it was reported yesterday morning (almost 24 hours ago), had malaria.

The stories this morning, in outline form:

  • A patient that had been in West Africa came to the hospital running a fever, and is suspected of having Ebola.
  • Several other Ebola themes are mentioned, including the Nurse Who Was Quarantined.
  • Ebola is BAD.
  • The patient was found to have malaria.
  • This is an example of extremely crappy reporting. I would argue that it’s not even news, and should not have been reported this morning at all. It also clearly is meant to keep stoking the fear that people have of Ebola.

    How about this, KOCO and KFOR? “The patient taken to the OSU hospital in Tulsa after having been in West Africa, was tested and found to have malaria. Malaria is an extremely common disease in West Africa, and is not related to Ebola.”.

    Anything other than this is fear-mongering.


    One Response to “One More Ebola-Related Thing”

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