Overuse Of “Breaking News” By Today Show

On Saturday, Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old brain cancer victim, took her life via Oregon’s death with dignity law. She faced her life, and situation, with remarkable courage. Her death was widely reported Saturday.

This morning (Monday), we had the TV on NBC as The Today Show started. Matt Lauer did an intro that included “Breaking overnight: Brittany Maynard takes her own life”. I may have the second part slightly off, but the “Breaking overnight” part is exactly what he said.

So… the question is, did the Today person who wrote the intro just wake up this morning at 0200 and note the death of Ms. Maynard? Everyone else knew about it Saturday, so it clearly is not “breaking” news.

I suspect it is the routine overuse of superlative-type language. There are so many things that news people find “incredible”, for example. I think Today just threw the story out as breaking in a routine way to try to entice the sleepy to watch. It’s actually sort of pathetic.


One Response to “Overuse Of “Breaking News” By Today Show”

  1. phil Says:

    yes Bill…I am afraid of the next 2 years with republican controlled CONGRESS!!

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