An Election-Related Ancedote

I’ve been thinking about the election a week ago, and the significant Republican gains, and whether the country is moving rightward. I don’t think it is.

This Facebook post is a fair sample of much of the Republican/right-leaning commentary not just from the past week, but over the past couple years:

Open borders, executive orders bypassing Congress, Ebola imported, illegal aliens, “children” who are drug cartel gang bangers, race baiting, can’t attend the funeral of the highest ranking officer killed in the war but he’s there for others, completely ignores a US Marine imprisoned in Mexico for more than 100 days, abandons Israel. Just a few of the awful things that have taken place on his watch. Someone should have stood trial for Benghazi. We need representatives who care about America instead of their party.

The question that prompted this was “So what has Obama done that is so bad?”.

Every claim in this can be refuted with facts and reality. The last line in particular – there isn’t a Republican in Congress that can honestly be said to be working for America instead of the advancement of the Republican party. As I’ve said many times before: Conservative first, Republican second, American not even third.

It would be easy to dismiss this person as deluded, or stupid, or something similar. But to me it’s a good example of the unthinking acceptance of the successful strategy of the right, in first actively impeding the recovery of the economy that the right trashed, then a complete failure to campaign on any issues or policies except to oppose Obama. It is related to the constant drumbeat of criticism of anything Obama does, even when that criticism conflicts with previous actions or criticisms, in particular with respect to health insurance reform.

It’s a combination of fears, and it’s expertly stoked by the Republicans. I’m concerned that it might be used by Democrats, but at least I have little worry that an America in the hands of Democrats is going to be sucked dry.

One Response to “An Election-Related Ancedote”

  1. phil Says:

    yes Bill…I am afraid of the next 2 years with republican controlled CONGRESS!!

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