Rooster’s Roadhouse, Denton, TX

Rooster's Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

Coming back from our weekend trip to Dallas, we did kind of a lazy explore up past Frisco and on to 380, then to Denton. Ian found Roosters and steered us there. It was very good!

We started with some bacon and cheese fries. I’ve seen this dish with more bacon and more cheese. Regardless, it was OK.

Ian and I got chopped brisket; his was a sandwich and mine the dinner. We both had fries. That was some very good brisket; tender and fatty and tasty. Raegan got a pulled pork sandwich, it was also very good, again tender and smoky. She got okra that was very good. Finally, Erin got a bacon cheeseburger. That was some outstanding burger; the beef was wonderful, and it didn’t need the bacon. Great burger!

The iced tea was strong and kept refilled. Service was fast. The only thing about this place is that is LOUD. It was also packed at 1230 on a Sunday afternoon. Our check was $52.01, decent value.


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