Obama And Immigration And Conservatives, And BS

So this evening the President gave a speech where he announced he is going to do some reforms via executive action. I didn’t watch the speech, and it’s being covered.

But the reactions on Facebook are telling. There have been dozens of memes that were tossed out immediately, meaning they had already been prepared, of course.

The themes are mainly about how Obama is lawless, or that he is acting as an emperor or a king. An example is the laughable Ted Cruz, who claimed on Fox that Obama was “changing the law”, and acting like a monarch. All of this coordinated response is a smokescreen for Republicans Not Doing A Damn Thing.

One from an Oklahoma Congressman quoted a 2011 speech by Obama where Obama talks about immigration reform, and then selectively pulls parts of the speech out to imply that Obama lied about use of executive authority. Such behavior should be beneath a Congressman. It’s contemptible.

Congress, in particular the Republicans, have utterly failed to do anything on immigration reform, or for that matter much of anything else. Not doing anything about immigration is just another failure to govern.

One Response to “Obama And Immigration And Conservatives, And BS”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    This afternoon I read an analysis on the Washington Post that posits that President Obama working immigration by executive order is to rile up conservatives wacks like Cruz and so show that Republicans can’t govern. There may be some truth to this. If so, great!

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