Bible Class In Mustang Public Schools – Rejected

KOCO Channel 5 here in OKC reported today that Mustang Public Schools has dropped a plan to teach a class on the Bible.

The class was developed in some way by the founder of Hobby Lobby, and apparently they want to spread that class far and wide.

This rightly annoyed the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation; both organizations urged Mustang Schools to not accept the curriculum.

Apparently Mustang ultimately rejected the concept because the Hobby Lobby people would not agree to two terms, which were to allow the school system to review the curriculum before the class, and to indemnify the school from legal challenges.

I think that the fact that the Hobby Lobby people would not let the school review the curriculum prior to the class to be the most interesting thing here. I’m pretty sure that the scope and sequence of all classes are reviewed by a school before students see the material. I am very surprised that the Hobby Lobby people were not OK with a review; it leaves the distinct impression of something fishy.

On a media-related note, KOCO interviewed a number of supposed parents of Mustang students. Those people were universally less-than-happy about the decision. Every one of the people had some variation on “they should have the class, where else could the kids learn about the Bible?”. I guess that it’s just Too Obvious to ask these people in return what they think the kids are getting in Sunday School. Or do they not take their kids to Sunday School to learn about the Bible? Surely not!

One Response to “Bible Class In Mustang Public Schools – Rejected”

  1. R Says:

    If you want your children to learn about religion, whatever that religion may be, you take them to the church of your choice on your preferred day. The public school system is NOT in the business of indoctrinating kids in any theology.

    Besides, as Oklahoma should have learned from the Ten Commandments on Capital grounds situation, it only opens the doors for all other special-interest religious groups to demand that THEIR variety of religion be equally taught…

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