Conservatives Are Happy About The Michael Brown Situation

The inherently racist part of Conservatives blossomed again after the decision by the local DA to not prosecute the cop who killed the unarmed man.

There are lots of posts about how you should just do what a cop says every time without question, they are trashing the guys hired by the family to do the autopsy, and of course the mans family is criticized.

This is a reflection of the core part of conservatism that is inherently white supremacy. They crow when a single black woman is elected to the national Congress, never mind that she is one of a few blacks at the national level, and the vast majority is still white.

The saddest part of the whole situation is that blacks have been getting the active shaft in this country since we condoned slavery, and the policies by Republicans to suck wealth and opportunity from the 98% to the 2% disproportionally continue to screw blacks.

All the while, conservatives tut-tut that blacks (and women, and the poor, and Hispanics) should Just Pull Themselves Up or Get Educated or Just Work Harder. Business interests (overwhelmingly conservative) were the reason for slavery in the first place, and one look at the benefits and overall job security and stability over the past 20+ years show that opportunity is steadily being removed.

And supposedly opportunity-first Republicans not only don’t do anything to fix the situation, they actively try to make it worse. Shameful.


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