Some Cool Things From the Air, PHX-DFW, 07 Feb 2015

I haven’t done a Cool Things From the Air in a while, but I got a chance to see some yesterday returning from Phoenix to Dallas, on the way home from backpacking Grand Canyon.

As we left PHX, I was trying to take a picture of the area where my friends Keith and Ben live. I was shooting to the SE of their house location, but I saw a number of what look like quarries on the southwestern part of Phoenix.

Quarry SW of Phoenix

As we flew on, I noticed one area below that had snow, the rest of the terrain was typical desert, dry and brown.

Mt. Baldy, AZ

The snaky ridge is Mt. Baldy (11,400 ft), about 150 miles east of Phoenix. Just a little farther on…

Basin Lake and Crescent Lake


This is a high meadow or basin a couple miles east of Mt. Baldy. The first shot is Basin Lake and Crescent Lake. While the basin is full of snow, I was really surprised that the higher points were snow free. The basin is around 9000ft, and the points are about 9300ft. Odd. There is a rails-to-trails conversion on the west side of the basin, the Apache Railroad Multi-Use Trail. Something to do when in eastern Arizona!

For some reason, the flight had turned significantly north after taking off. How far north was shown when we flew north of the VLA!


Super cool!

The last interesting item was the snow cover that again stood out above the desert, the Sacramento Mountains above Alamagordo, NM. This is where Cloudcroft and Ski Apache are located. The elevations are again around 9,000 ft.

Sacramento Mountains, NM

That’s it!


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