The OU SAE Frat Incident Is Just A Symptom Of A Larger Problem

So this story broke as news like a thunderclap this weekend. I will not get worked up about it.

This is just another incident of the inherent racism that is still present in this country in significant measure. It will be here until the people who look down on others due to skin color die off, and it will take some time.

One thing that has not been reported: this was a mass dating event with a group of women. I would imagine (but don’t know) that the women were from a sorority at OU (these mass dating activities happened every Tuesday (I think) when I was at OSU). In the video, while the guys are shouting the racist cadence and clapping, a couple of the women were at least clapping as well; I couldn’t tell from the video if they were singing along. There very well be consequences for that house as well.

I’ve said before, racism is the largest stain on the USA. It is still here, and even worse, looks to be largely hidden, except in secondary effects like voter suppression. The Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Acts were passed about 100 years after Emancipation. That took way too long, but even 50 years after those days of hope, we are still left with the putrid, foul stench of unthinking racists.


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