Nutjob Senators Are Just A Symptom Of A Larger Problem

The Republican Senators who sent the letter to the government of Iran are just a symptom of a larger problem.

But first, let me say, Senators Inhofe and Lankford, you are both a disgrace. You are not true Oklahomans, or Americans. You do not have the slightest bit of respect for the Constitution. You have no common sense either, “Snowball” Inhofe. You put your petty, hateful, spiteful politics above the good of the people of Oklahoma and the United States. Lankford, you like to say you are a man of God, but I see zero evidence of that. You cannot be out of office fast enough, you small, petty creatures.

That being said, this lack of respect to the Constitution is just part of the Republican view that Democrats are not a legitimate governing body for the country. Only Republicans have repeatedly bypassed the customs of this country. From Newt wanting to address the country when he was elected Speaker, to the House working directly with a foreign government to spite the President, to this bit of disgrace, Republicans just want power, and they assume they are the only ones that can have power, and they act like they deserve power, and in doing so ignore elections and insert themselves into situations constantly. The entire scheme of calculated opposition to anything Obama proposes is another example. The complete lack of failure to work with Democrats in compromise to get things done is yet another. Equally damning, the efforts of Republicans to overturn, impede, and degrade protections for citizens using Obamacare, military veterans, women, and voters who are poor and/or of color show how little they care for citizens. And finally, their complete lack of support for anyone but big business and the top 1% means they, not Obama, are imperial in their actions and thinking.

I don’t think the word “treasonous” applies here, just as it does not apply to Obama. But at what point is a complete failure to perform the peoples work become as bad as giving aid and comfort to an enemy? Congress, specifically Republicans in Congress, abetted by state legislators (also Republican), have worked since the Reagan years to funnel money from ordinary people to the top 1%. That’s theft of one kind. When will the weak-willed and easily scared wake up and realize they are being screwed? I hope it’s soon.


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