More Zero Tolerance Stupidity

This article was published on another example of school administrators turning off what higher order functions they might have had.

First of all, I would ask how the “leaf” came to be found.  Second of all, even under zero brain, er, tolerance, some due process would seem to be in order to prove that the contraband was indeed pot.  Given that, the 1-year suspension should never have been ordered, and even given that, the kid in question should have been back in school the next day.  Even given the reference to so-called “imitation drugs”, I find it hard to imagine that there was any offense here in the slightest.

There is a larger question here as to the severity of punishment.  Oklahoma and Texas have what are characterized as two of the strongest penalties for pot possession – 1 year and 180 days in prison (respectively) no matter the amount.  It is reported that most offenders in Oklahoma get probation or little jail time.

So why does the Bedford Country Schools give the equivalent punishment – a year out of school, for kids?  It’s just worse that the supposed contraband was a random leaf.  Geez, a science class leaf collection might get a kid there the death penalty.

It’s even worse that the kid is reported to be on “probation”.  Given that no crime/offense actually occurred, it’s stupid to declare probation.

I wonder if they administrators moonlight as guards at Gitmo, where we famously hold people for years without charge or trial.

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