Voting Should Be Mandatory

I read an article just now in USA Today.  In a speech in Cleveland, President Obama opined that perhaps the United States should have mandatory voting.

I think that’s a great idea.  I checked a page on Wikipedia, and since 1972 voter turnout has hovered within a couple points of 50%.  The election of 2008 was the high point at 57%.  Turnout in the 2012 election was 37%.  Those are national numbers, of course.

My local voting precinct has about 25,000 eligible voters, and about 10,000 voted in the last election (2014).  That’s pretty crappy.

I would like to think that we have few obligations in order to live in this country.  We ought to all have a voice in how it it run, and mandatory voting would help get to that goal.  Maybe we could look to Oregon as an example, with voting by mail and a decent time to accomplishing voting.

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