Visiting the OKC Bombing Memorial

Today I was having my car worked on in downtown OKC, so I walked over to the OKC National Memorial.  I have been there just once before, on the south upper level, back in 2006.  It was so powerful then, I didn’t want to walk down to the main level.

But today I did.  It’s difficult to be there and not be overwhelmed with emotion.  I didn’t personally know any of the victims well.  A boy at St. John’s in Pre-K lost his grandparents in the bombing, and another student came in a bit later who had lost her mother.  The janitor in our building at the time was forced out of his apartment for quite some time due to damage from the blast, and we gathered a lot of stuff and money to help him get going again.

But what horrifies me above all else was that the terrorist who performed the bombing did it knowing that most of the victims were not part of his main targets in the Government, and even knowing that many victims would be children.  He and the other scumbag(s) that perpetrated this apparently actually believed that he would be able to start some sort of revolution against the Government.  Deluded, at best.

I sat for a while on one of the terraces below the Survivor Tree and reflected on why the Memorial had to be there at all.  In terms of consequences, no revolution happened.  I know that the Government started looking harder at various so-called militia groups.  I think that if things were as bad as McVey thought, the Government would have swooped in an hammered every one of the groups that it could find, but that didn’t happen.

So in the end, it wasn’t nearly as bad Government-wise as McVey thought, and a lot of those groups are still operating, playing their little dress-up games.

But there are 168 people still gone, and many others who were wounded, and all for a fantasy by a guy who really didn’t have a clear vision of reality.

And all that life and potential, that’s more than enough reason to sit on the terrace and shed more than a few tears of sorrow for people I didn’t know.

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