Hiking Bell Cow Lake Flat Rock Trail

A group of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts hiked Bell Cow Lake near Chandler, OK today.  The group did 10.3 or 10.5 miles depending on which GPS you believe (the Garmin GPSMap 60 or Runkeeper on the Galaxy S4).  Regardless, it was a great hike.

Photos are at:  https://plus.google.com/photos/105156699699052376728/albums/6134014484762042529.

We got to the lake a little later than we wanted at 0910 and hit the trail about 15 minutes later.  We hit the Flat Rock trail on the south side of the lake, which is advertised as 12.4 miles, or 6.2 out and back.  We kept up a good pace all the way to what I think was the next to the last loop, where we had lunch.  We walked just under five miles in about 2.5 hours.

There was an amazing variety of tracks in the muddy trail, including turkey.  The only actual wildlife we saw was birds, but there was a pair of Bald Eagles!  We also saw one turkey crossing the road as we drove into the lake.

I was slightly surprised we saw only one stream flowing.  Water was available at the trailhead.  Even though the trails are mixed hiking and equestrian, we didn’t see any horses on the trail.

We made slightly less speed on the way back, leaving lunch at 1230, and getting back into Area C camp at 1440.  Since we had less mileage coming back due to taking the direct trail instead of the looplets (or “thumbs”), we walked down to the lake front and back, and that got us to 10+.

Weird stuff:  I used Runkeeper with my S4 to record the track (it’s in the photos), and both Runkeeper and the Garmin MapSource program reported 4,000+ ft of altitude gain for the hike.  I didn’t feel like I had done a Grand Canyon sorta walk, so I don’t think I believe that data point!

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