Free Speech and Anti-Islam Nuts

The incident in Garland, TX a couple weeks ago has bugged me a lot.  One thing I noted in news about the incident was the references to the event that was attacked as an exhibition of cartoons of Mohammad.  It wasn’t until four or five days later that I saw a reference to the actual title of the event, “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest”.  It didn’t take much to find that the so-called free-speech event was really just an excuse for some rabid anti-Islam nuts to take some pokes at Islam.

Their “free-speech” exercise was really just an excuse to provoke followers of Islam to get mad.  In that a couple guys got pissed enough to try to attack the event, the organizers got their wish.

Was their actions legal?  Without a doubt.  Were the ethical?  No way.

This is another case where the followers of one religion should have just followed their religion, without trying to denigrate another religion.  I think the organizers of the so-called contest are cowards.  They provoked a response, and then hid behind a lot of police, one of whom was injured in the exchange of gunfire.  The organizers are directly responsible for the deaths of the two attackers and the injuries to the wounded officer.  Will there be accountability?  Probably not.

Islam has been used to stir up a lot of unthinking people over the past couple years.  After Bush II made up reasons to invade Iraq and then killed thousands of Muslims as a direct result, which directly led to the formation of ISIS/ISIL, it should come as no surprise that many Muslims are unhappy with the US.  When you toss in sporadic efforts to supposedly keep Sharia law from being enacted, continuing adventures in the Middle East, and general (mainly) conservative xenophobia, it’s clear that Islam is one of the scary things that conservatives are using to distract people from the overall game plan of conservatives to loot the lower and middle classes.

So, to the organizers of that event in Garland, you are cowards.  You are also misguided at best.

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