Barley’s, Council Bluffs, IA

To my readers, I apologize for being sooooo far behind in restaurant posts.  I will try to catch up.

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I had lunch at Barley’s today.  It was very good!  I started with iced tea (very good) and some excellent BBQ chicken wings.  The wings were good because (1) the BBQ sauce wasn’t overwhelming, and (2) the wings were meaty and tender.

My entree was a patty melt, 7 oz of excellent beef on rye.  There were a few more sauteed onions than I usually get, but the onions were cooked perfected (too many places either char the onions or leave them fairly raw).  But the beef was the star here, it was excellent, cooked a perfect medium well and with a nice crust and internal texture.  Great stuff.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the fries, I think they were old.

Don’t forget a dollar of change for the parking meter out front.

Service was fast and very friendly.  My check was $13.91.  A nice place in the Bluffs.

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