Alamexo, Salt Lake City, OK

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I had dinner here last night with several long-time friends. Alamexo is, first, noisy. It’s hard to have a good conversation due to the echos. It’s also not really mexican, and certainly not tex-mex. It’s more of a mexican fusion theme.

We started off with guacamole (built right at the table) and some queso fundido (a Spanish word meaning melted or molten). Both were really good, but the queso hardened quite quickly as it cooled.

I had a carne daxaquena (which is the feminine singular of oaxaqueño, which is the word pertaining to the Mexican state of Oaxaca). Basically, this was a ribeye that was sectioned, then grilled with lettuce and other veg which was then draped over the steak for serving. Our server said the chef liked it to go out no more then medium rare; I asked for medium, and it actually came out between medium and medium well (I guess I should have listened…). Regardless, it was very, very tasty, although a bit expensive at $22.

The iced tea was some sort of fruity stuff that was OK at best. Our server was very good, kept stuff refilled and came around numerous times to make sure we were OK.

My check was $36.12. We were in there a couple hours for an enjoyable evening.

A related comment about the area in general. This place was about six blocks from my hotel in SLC. I walked there to arrive around 1900, and left and walked back near 2100. The entire downtown area was alive the entire time, with shops and restaurants doing a good business, and lots of people walking and biking. It felt vibrant and safe. I think that SLC has it together.

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