Scouting Moving Ahead Slowly

When I was made aware of the BSA Executive Committee vote recommending elimination of the ban on gay Scouters, I was happy. There is nothing in being gay that makes a person less qualified to serve youth as a leader in Scouting. I hope that the full Board will vote in a like manner next week.

I understand, sort of, why they took the two steps of ending the ban on gay youth first (there are lots more youth), but even with the lifting of the ban on gay adults, it’s more of a squishy decision that I wish was more concrete.

In previous cases, in particular with the ban on atheist Scouts, BSA claimed that as a national organization, they could set their membership standards and they would apply across the board. But with this (assuming it is approved), they left a caveat in place that would allow local charting organizations to continue to enforce a ban. I know that is being done as a sop to churches that want to discriminate, but that does not make it right.

Banning membership in an organization based on a perceived sin is shortsighted. Calling out one particular perceived sin while other equally bad sins do not trigger a ban is stupid.


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