Replacing My Phone Email App

I used the stock email app for my phone email use since I got my first Android phone, the Galaxy S3. The icon looked like this:

Stock Email App Icon

The app worked with using POP3 with my mail personal email, which is on Earthlink.  But a couple major updates ago, it started acting very sluggish.  Virtually any activity would result in a long (anywhere from 15-30 seconds) of ZERO responsiveness from the phone.  An example, a notification of new mail would show up.  I would tap on the notification, the screen would go completely black for up to 30 seconds, and then the inbox would show up.  Opening up a message, closing or deleting a message, or similar activities would result in the same delay effect.  This just compounded the other, lesser issues I had with the email app.

These were adding up to more frustration.  There was a very small limit on what the app would download for the message (it seemed to be around 10KB).  So if I got a longish email (and those with embedded HTML can go long), I would get a flash of a “LOAD MORE” button at the bottom; if I didn’t push it in about five seconds, it would go away, and no amount of upswiping would bring it back.  I would have to close the message and open it again, with the long delays, and then hit LOAD MORE as soon as it appeared.  Attachments were frustrating in that you had to go from the attachment page back to the main page, go through the LOAD MORE sequence, and then be able to view the attachment (it seems to make a lot more sense to just download the darn attachment when the user taps it).

The app also had a hard time with anything other than small inboxes.

So I talked to people and researched online, and a couple weeks ago installed Typemail, which is an IMap-based app.  It scarfed the several thousand messages in my inbox quite happily, very quickly, and without problemsl  So far, it seems to be working well.  The only gripe I have is that when I delete an email, it stays in the deleted items folder on the server.  I’ve looked for a fix online, but none yet.  So I log into my Earthlink via webmail every once in a while and zorch the deleted items folder.

I will report back again at some point, but so far Typemail looks pretty good.

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