Another Step Forward For The BSA

I applaud the BSA for getting rid of the national-level ban on gay Scout leaders.  There is NOTHING in being gay that makes any adult less capable of being a good Scout leader.  There is also nothing in being gay that makes a Scout any less capable of getting the most out of Scouting.

I do wish that BSA had followed through with full removal of the ban, instead of dropping back to the “local option”.  One of the arguments made in the Dale case was that Scouting could have their consistent membership standards, and now they have Balkanized the process to appease some church groups.

The whole anti-gay issue is still so silly. The focus by so-called conservatives on gays, to the exclusion of all the other sins, is just ridiculous.

So good for BSA President Gates for having the vision and wisdom to make this needed change. Those who want to quit will miss out on a fine program that should be available to ALL, not just some.

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