Donald Trump And His Presidential Bid

The guy is obviously hitting a note with quite a few people.  I listened to a news conference he gave Thursday, and then to the excerpts of the interview he game Chuck Todd for Meet the Press Sunday. Finally, I listened to most of a news conference he gave this evening, in New Hampshire.

First of all, there was a certain trend in his responses to questions.  He gave no policy statements in the news conference, and very few in the MTP interview.  The one that stands out his his policy to build a wall between the US and Mexico.  I don’t think that’s a real solution, but it is a policy statement.

Overall, the guy is in love with his own voice.  He constantly interrupts the questioners.  He uses the on-offense “look…” phrase constantly.  He also repeats “points”, well, repeatedly. I think he does this for filler. The vast majority of his response to a question is to start talking before the question is done, and then his response is a combination of:  whoever is responsible for the problem/item is incompetent/not doing their job; I will do better.  There is no indication of how he would fix the issue.

He places a lot of faith in his ability to negotiate. His plan to negotiate with Iran, for example, is to find loopholes in the current agreement, and then go an browbeat the Iranians into a “better” deal.

I think his constant talking is a stream of consciousness kind of thing. I don’t know that he thinks ahead or plans very much.

I also don’t think he would make a good President, even with decent policy. He seems to think that he can control everything just because He Is Trump.

So, if he manages to not implode over the next year, and becomes the Republican nominee, I think that any of the Democrats would be able to beat him.

Late note:  Rachel Maddow, one of the smartest people on TV or radio, noted on her program this evening that Trump claimed a very specific number of supporters were at his rally; the number was 2,571 (I think that’s what she said; the 2,500 is certain, I think that 71 was the rest of it).  Rachel further mentioned that an NBC reporter when to the representative of the local fire marshal, who reported that the number of people counted was much closer to 1,200.  Still a lot of people, but someone made up a number along the line that was more than twice what the actual number was.  That should make you wonder about Trump.

26 August 2015 Update

There was a dustup between a journalist and Trump today, and Trump ended up having his security remove the journalist, while Trump refused to answer any of the questions.

Two things:  Trump got insulting to the guy.  He also repeatedly said the journalist was “screaming”.  Both are disturbing examples of Trumps lack of a stable personality.  He had to make the extreme claim of “screaming” when the journalist was clearly not screaming.  He also got personally insulting.  He is not stable and is a poor example of a Presidential candidate.

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